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What is a Thai Massage?

Thai massage is based on the ancient theory that the body has air inside. This air after being inhaled, travels through 72,000 paths within us. The pathways are known as 'sen', and our therapists manipulate them by pressing on exact points. The Thai massage process has historically focused on stimulating these same …

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Best thai massage in town by native WANN

Wann Thai with 12 years of experience since 2007, graduated from the famous WAT PO Bangkok Temple and SAISALIN ACADEMY to Udon Thani. Wann is ready to relieve any pain and discomfort you may be experiencing. We are confident that you will enjoy the relief that a quality massage session provides.

Thai massage

A Thai massage relaxes and stretches out the muscles, improves circulation, and reduces stress. Also, it is believed that blockages in the body’s energy lines causes illness and disease. A Thai massage balances these sen energy lines and restores general wellbeing and health

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Catalán, Inglés, Español, Frances, Tailandés


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